Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Science of CERTITUDES to the Science of UNCERTAINTY : no wonder conservatives dislike the new science...

Michael Marshall
It is a given that conservative personalities crave certitudes and fear uncertainty.

(To be clear - this means, for example, that Russian conservative personalities yearn for the good old days of Stalin and fear greatly
the fact that tiny Estonia isn't under Russia's firm thumbs.)

Modernist Science was full of certitudes - all lies of course, the sort of self-flattering lies we humans delude ourselves with.

As those lies were exposed - by further scientific activity - scientists gradually abandoned modernist science and became more commensal and green --- and more and more willing to accept that humanity's knowledge had its limits and human uncertainty would always exist about life and reality.

Conservative personalities naturally found this hard to take and abandoned post-modern science and this age of commensality and sought out the old science of certainty in whatever elderly nooks it could be still found in.

Conservative personalities haven't changed - never can and never will - that is what makes them conservative.

But scientists have ....

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