Monday, May 26, 2014

Agape compassion is easy - but Agape valour is very very hard

Agape love is not just 'compassion' - it is selfless limitless compassion for others (including enemies) even onto death.

By definition it seems to be more about limitlessness (of selflessness onto death) than mere normal (limited) expressions of compassion and mere normal (limited) acts of compassion.

Demands that we display agape love thus becomes one of Christ's notorious 'hard' sayings.

Despite this, the term 'agape' is most commonly found coupled with bog ordinary 'compassion' and very, very rarely with concepts like 'valour' (courage and bravery under conditions of likely death).

Valour seems to have become too associated with the wounded soldier awarded a VC for picking up a gun and going off by himself under heavy fire to kill a group of enemy machine gunners.

Valour seems to confined to an extraordinary activity redolent of offensive , aggressive , violent warfare.

The only military valour most of us like to applaud is that of the man who leaps on a live grenade, dying to save the life of his comrades.

Or even better, someone who goes back time and time again into a burning plane to pull out his friends - only to die himself when the plane explodes.

Brave onto death while saving others.

But true Agape valour - in Christ's sense of the term - might actually only fully apply to that rare soldier who dies trying to pull enemy soldiers out of their burning vehicle.

But no nation ever gives out medals for that --- and more's the pity.....

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