Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the fit warring upon their opponents' "unfit" : WWII in a nutshell

Eugenically speaking, WWII was a Proxy War.

Opposing groups of the high tech 'fit' warred mostly upon their opponent's low tech 'unfit' population.

All in the hopes this would cause their opponents to surrender without much direct (dysgenic) combat between the opposing 'fits'.

So - for example - German civilians on German soil were bombed for six full years before British troops* finally fought a badly faded German Army on German soil,  in the dying moments of WWII.

The wealth needed for the fit to be able to undertake these high tech 'proxy fights' was disproportionally taken from the politically weak on each side.

In the case of Germany it was the Jew ,Slav and Western European in that order of severity.

Great Russia took all resources , below a very low minimum, from its entire population ,below a tiny elite.

In terms of severity : first, above all , the peoples of its westernmost dependencies --- the result of Great Russia's decision to limit the fighting to there.

They did not just go hungry and cold the most - they also died the most - by far.

Then, on the Great Russia home front -- those with low technical skills and the elderly and unwell.

For the Japanese elite, the peoples of the occupied lands (the Chinese always getting it worst) and then the Japanese working class : rural, urban and soldier.

The politically powerful German working class ate well right into 1945 while Jew and Slav slowly starved to death and even Frenchmen went around hungry all the time.

The equally politically powerful working class people of the UK always ate well during WWII - many ate much better than during the best years of the Depression, let alone the worst.

So the people of the British Commonwealth (sic) who ate worse (admittedly not all did and not all the time) were the native darkies of their colonies.

Being far wealthier, the British didn't need to steal as ruthlessly as the desperately inefficient food-producing Germans did.

But when things did get tough (Bengal and in parts of Africa) they proved to be as amoral as the Nazis in spirit,  if not in letter of application.

And when it came to starving Occupied Europe, the British were as unbending as the Germans --- if not more so - as the case of the Greek and Dutch famines can attest.

Lesser known is their deliberate starving of Channel Ports held by the Germans and occupied by tens of thousands of trapped French and Belgian civilians.

Not just food and fuel in short supply was diverted to the fit away from the unfit - so too was medicine and medical care.

The politically weak were subjected to dangerous medical experiments without genuine informed consent.

None of the young healthy doctors who performed these experiments upon them thought to do the experiments upon themselves as some of an earlier generation of doctors had done.

Nor did these healthy 1A doctors go into combat zones.

As I say, eugenically it was a Proxy War designed to ensure that win or lose, the fit survived.

My blog posts have laboured long on just who got and did not get penicillin - I needn't remind faithful readers of just how unfair to the politically weak the whole process was.

In terms of death and suffering those judged unfit died out of all proportion to their percentage of the world's population - the eugenicists won this battle.

But they lost the war -- because none of the fit got at the end of the war what they expected to get at the beginning of the war.

Instead the will of the fit was blunted over and over by the wild and the weak ....

* The number of British Commonwealth army troops who died combat deaths on German soil was a tiny tiny percentage of the total British Commonwealth military and civilian dead.

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