Monday, July 21, 2014

Help celebrate Manhattan's 75 years of life-saving penicillin Oct 16 1940 --- Oct 16 2015

Manhattan gave the world's first shots of life-saving penicillin , seventy five years ago next October 16th (2015).

And if Manhattan and New York City is too damn modest to blow its own horn , well we in the rest of the world should start by thanking Manhattan for all the good penicillin and other antibiotics have done for us in the three quarters of a century since.

Starting January first next year, let us start sending cards, phone calls and online* messages to the mayor of New York City to thank Manhattan for changing our world for the better forever.

Yes, wartime Manhattan also birthed the A-Bomb.

But let us never forget that NYC not only produced most of the wartime world's penicillin, it also established the fundamental right of ALL in the world to cheap abundant life-saving penicillin in wartime.

And that was the best possible moral rebuke to those like the Nazis who advocated that medicine, food and life itself should only go to the fit of the fittest nations ....

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