Saturday, July 26, 2014

Seemingly, educated white Allied males would prefer to lose to white educated Nazi males - rather than see war won thanks to darkies , women, the small and the weak

Britons - to this day - never tire of telling us that the British Empire troops couldn't contest German troops on German soil till January 1945 because the empire could never come close to matching the manpower of the Third Reich .

Particularly as a successful offensive effort usually needs to outnumber the defenders three to one.

And if you only count the white population of the British Empire that is true (but even there, only narrowly so.)

But India alone - despite feeling badly mistreated by Britain - raised a volunteer army of six million.

And if Britain had resorted to the use of conscription in India , as did all the war's big armies, it could have raised 15 million just here - easily.

Add the colored residents of the rest of the British Empire and the British Empire Army alone could have successfully invaded Nazi Germany even without the Russians , Americans and French.

Not that those three didn't hamper their own war efforts by also distrusting and under-using their colored citizens.

America had a wonderful three-branched armed forces - except for the vital pointy end of the stick - its woefully undermanned infantry.

Blacks were willing to fight - just as women (white, black and latino) were willing to take up more of the work at home to free up men for the infantry - but white American men would have none of it.

France's men also resented the fact that its only well trained forces were its colored North African troops and that they were getting all the glory in liberating (white) France - so they were pulled out of the line in France and poorly trained white French went in - and the effort to defeat Hitler suffered.

Great Russia was even more extreme - it harshly deported its border-living colored minorities that it distrusted , deep into the eastern interior - at the cost in lives of untold thousands of babies, grandmothers --- as well as of young males of fighting age.

On the medical front, the Allied medical community also objected to saving lives if the only way was by injecting the excrement of basement slime mold (aka crude natural penicillin) into them.

They preferred to wait (even if their dying patients didn't) until "Man" had invented artificial penicillin - assumed to be inevitably better, safer , cheaper - as they were sure 'He' soon would.

Afterall, this was an age that actually thought and taught that mother's breast milk and mother's homemade bread was unsafe !

 An age that sought to re-make all of Mother Nature in new artificial Man-made versions : artificial wool, silk, bone, etc - via the new plastics and polymers.

Artificial food - food in a pill - artificial test tube babies - men trying to take even that role away from mothers and Mother Nature.

Unconsciously then, educated men of the 1940 era deeply resented the way the popular press always said that 'common bread mold' had saved lives when the best of the laboratory science (the man-made Sulfas) of the educated man had failed.

An implied criticism of one group of educated men - like a single isolated criticism of one white man by some colonial native - was seen as an attack on all educated white males.

And so they weren't about to let the (small weak slimy) darkies-of-medicine get all the medical glory.....

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