Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cheney family : draft dodging in two generations more than enough

It is well known that Dick Cheney* - an elderly extremely hawkish Boomer - dodged actually serving in 'Nam by conceiving his daughter Elizabeth within minutes of President Johnson promising to deny anymore draft deferrals for childless husbands.

But old tricky slicky dickie Dicky himself was a draft-dodging baby himself of a sort.

He was spawned in mid 1940 by his Pa when Congress was debating the first ever peacetime draft - part of a sudden  national leap upwards in both marriage rates and the birthrate among those young enough to realistic face possible war service.

(His father Herbert later did join the US Navy in 1944.)

As Supreme Court Justice OliverWendell Holmes Jr once opined : "ain't two generations of draft-dodging Cheneys three generations more than enough ?"

* Born Jan 30 1941, spawned in May 1940.

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