Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Planet-wide planned genocide of Jews superlatively unique

Every every recent Summer Olympics about seven billion unique individuals lend at least half an ear to its ongoing results.

But about ten seconds after the starter's gun goes off during the 100 metre sprint for men, we with television sets learn about someone who is superlatively unique : the fastest human on the entire planet (at least for a few weeks).

Were the Nazis' WWII efforts to kill the Jews 'unique' ?

Of course - all genocides are unique - all events, like all individuals, are unique.

But the overall tenor of the secretive Nazi intentions, never carried out fully, suggested that they eventually intended to kill every last Jew on the entire Earth, just as if they were smallpox viruses.

Unlike say Rwanda's Tutsis, huddled together handily in a relatively small area, Jews were to be found in practically every country on Earth, so an effort to kill all of them required an extremely ambitious plan to conquer the whole Earth first.

The geographic sweep of this genocide marks it as unique in human history to date.....

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