Monday, June 8, 2015

Why zoologists vote Republican .... and microbiologists vote Green

Even today - even in the 21st century ! - many best selling zoologists continue to dismiss the tiny, immobile and ancient microbes as simply incredibly primitive, incredibly alike, incredibly boring.

Give them but a token line or two in their many big books devoted to the wonders of the bigger animals, only to just as quickly dismiss them.

We shouldn't really be surprised that in their private lives, these conservative-minded scientists also feel the same about smaller and weaker humanity as well.

One can almost surmise that unconsciously the children of the big, rich and powerful in our society, if they choose to become biologists, unconsciously gravitate to the big powerful animals, biological subjects rather like themselves.

(About as close to true empathy towards others as conservatives ever get.)

And that those science students born within the smaller, weaker parts of humanity, or with strong empathy for the weak and small, gravitate to biological subjects that are also - wrongly - viewed as small, weak and uninteresting ....

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