Monday, July 13, 2015

De-colonization inevitable the minute the primitive and dark green fungus could make lifesaving penicillin - and the best of lilly white western civilization's chemists couldn't

Nothing ventured, nothing gained right ?

So let me go out on a long long long intellectual limb and tie the postwar white world's reluctant de-colonization of Africa and Asia to the wartime success of primitive penicillin.

By 1945, the religious element justifying the imperialist dominance over supposedly lesser beings was nearly moribund, long since replaced by the claims of the 'clearcut' scientific superiority of whites over darkies (and by implication, dark fungus as well).

We weren't enslaving Africa - oh no, we were bringing it the boon of advanced European medicine.

But in 1945, advanced European medicine actually meant the horrific medical experiments of Auschwitz scientists while it was left to the supposedly impossibly primitive fungus slime to bring the real boon of lifesaving penicillin to Africa and the world.

And if you could make primitive but effective penicillin in any jungle hospital lab, Africa no longer needed their European overlords to lead them around like blind children.....

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