Monday, July 20, 2015

Did I really get it that far wrong ?

As a religiously devote child in the Fifties, I somehow got the impression that WWII only ended because the penicillium fungus (David) was saving more kids than Civilization (Goliath) was capable of gassing or bombing.

As an adult, I realize now that I was not far wrong.

From opposing moral positions, Dr Henry Dawson's primitive penicillium and the advanced Auschwitz doctors, together, put the fatal 'post' into modernity.

And so, gradually, we collectively changed our minds. No longer did we believe biological progress to be linear --- and exclusively directed towards human 'civilization'. Instead it involved all creatures and proceeded in all directions.

But it seems that not everyone got the memo. Old guard believers in "man-centred" Progress are still around and still destroying this planet.

I believe my book about the Dawsonian revolution, about the 'other' Manhattan Project, is that true rarity : a page-turning Good News Story from that Bad News War.

And if re-telling it helps in any small way to forestall the rush to destroy this planet in the Sixth Extinction, so much the better...

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