Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why the only real civil war has always been over healthcare : because the right to life is the ultimate civil right, above the right to vote or a right to apply for a job

Give Blacks and Jews the right to vote and the right to apply for jobs and education, if you must, but don't - for Jefferson Davis's sake ! - give them to right to be treated fairly when they turn up in a hospital ER.

Because DOAs can't vote or take jobs or occupy your stupid son's rightful seat at Yale.

Accept what I claim and you begin to see the real bite in the unholy but quiet battle between medical proponents of Social Medicine and War Medicine (Thomas Parran versus Lewis Weed), circa October 16th 1940.

On that day, Professor Martin Henry Dawson gave history' first ever injections of microbe-made penicillin to two 4Fs, a Jew and a Black, opening our Age of Antibiotics, on a day otherwise devoted to registering America's 1As in the first ever peacetime draft.

His impetus ?

Returning that Fall from vacation to learn that his medical school and hospital was downgrading any focus on social medicine, his area of interest, to up its preparation for war-oriented medicine.

His response ?

Parry, and then thrust, deep, with  .1 ml of Pen "G" in butyl alcohol.....

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