Saturday, August 29, 2015

When both pigs and badly crippled birds fly, the only miracle we humans chose to notice involves the pigs

One definition of God's miracles is that they must defy gravity, as with pigs that fly, or involve defying some one or other of God's ten thousand or so commandments of science.

But what if God sometime choses to follow His own scientific commandments but merely gild their lilly a bit beyond normal expectations?

What we catholics like to call miracles in the third degree.

As in the crippled bird returning to nest, or when a crippled plane successfully returns to base.

Or when the penicillium arrived to usher in a kinder gentler post-modern era just at the very moment when Manichean Modernity was really going postal.

These unnoteworthy quiet 'miracles', in the human metaphorical sense, might turn out to have been God's miracles as well...

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