Monday, September 28, 2015

Bringing 4Fs into DAWSON'S BIG TENT

Henry Dawson's Manhattan project sought to bring the world's metaphorical 4Fs into the Big Tent : but as helpers, as well as the helped.

Imagine the liberation of Belgium in the Fall of 1942, rather than in the Fall of 1944, a wonderfully early liberation made possible because the Allies chose to take advantage of their huge demographic advantage over the Axis.

A huge army made of soldiers from all segments of the Allied cause, including millions of frontline Indian and African troops.

That would be an excellent example of a Big Tent effort that included the small as both people to be helped (Belgium) and among those helping them (the frontline Indian and black soldiers).

It never happened .

Seemingly many people like Winston Churchill would rather lose to fellow whites from Nazi Germany than see white Europe liberated by a land army made up of mostly coloured recruits from the British, French, Dutch,Belgian and American colonies.

It was just this sort of thinking that Dr Henry Dawson sought to combat when he got 4F fungoid growths and 4F human patients inside his Big Tent effort, the other Manhattan Project, to do something earthshakingly good for us all ...

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