Thursday, September 10, 2015

The conservatives are so "Base"

Harper's Hollowed out House of Horrors : church on Sunday, dissing drowned refugees on Monday.

Recent polls on taking in refugees, in places like Canada, have confirmed what many of us non-church going Christians have always suspected.

Many of the most regular Christian church goers are among the biggest of all religious hypocrites ---- and I recall enough of my bible studying to note the special fate Jesus held for religious hypocrites.

Conservative parties - world wide and not just in Canada - are always revealed in political values surveys as having the greatest proportions of regular church attending activists and voters of any of the political parties.

Church ------ you know with all its Sunday talk of "doing something for Jesus every time you do something for the least of these".

But it turns out, Sunday's sermon didn't really take among many of the Conservative religious.

Because there they are on Monday eager to tell pollsters that they're against letting in any three year old terrorists, and frankly, the terrorists would all be better off if they drowned on some distant Turkish beach.

After all, they protest, how many three year olds drowned in swimming pools in Canada this summer with no one paying attention --- so why fuss over one more dead kid ?

Particularly a foreigner kid , a terrorist foreigner kid, a kid who is going to get better medical and social care - for free ! - than any of us hardworking conservative Canadians.

"Base" is the word to best describe hypocrites ...

So when top Conservative operators such as Canadian Jenni Byrne keep referring to their favourite conservative voters as being "base", just for once, let us all not disagree with them.

Base, indeed, is the word that best describes such hypocrisy.

Now let us pivot back seventy five years, to the year 1940, when the small and the helpless - this time nations as well as individuals - were being invaded the cruelest invaders ever.

While the rest of the world (much more church going then than now) again sat on their prayer books.... and did nothing.

It was perhaps to them, people like all the religious hypocrites that the much-churched Henry Dawson had grown up with in small town Truro Nova Scotia, that Dr Dawson directed his "small" penicillin Manhattan Project.

Back in the same formative years for young Henry when Canadian satirist Stephen Leacock wrote his famous "Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich", a book that neatly skewered Canada's very wealthy and very religious for their "base" hypocrisy....

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