Friday, September 11, 2015

Technological Man exalts the Big same time Science says Universe dominated by the small

In the 1930s peer-reviewed science increasingly revealed that solid (metal atom-oriented) planets like Earth actually represented a blindingly small slice of one percent of even the visible Universe, a visible universe that mostly consisted of tiny bits of  non-solid non metallic vapourware (plasma gas).

But at the exact same moment in time, popular science and technology media culture was at its apogee of exalting all the biggest, fastest, tallest etc examples of the (solid) (metallic) Man-made world.

And the public couldn't get enough of it.

Coincidence ?

As readers of this blog well know, I don't ever believe in coincidence.

All this sudden interest in building and then admiring the biggest, fastest, tallest, heaviest, most stiff and hard and solid objects that technological Man could produce probably represented an unconscious protest.

A protest by the Hubris of Man against all these recent highly inconvenient facts coming out of the scientific journals that exalted the significance of the small and the non-solid in a vast empty universe....

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