Thursday, September 3, 2015

What would Dawson do ? As babies drown because of an uncaring Harper government


In the Fall of 1940, pushed beyond the breaking point by years of observing a world unwilling to reach out to help a endless parade of small nations and small people brutalized by Hitler, Stalin and Tojo, Martin Henry Dawson broke all medical protocol and broke free of a lifetime of caution and deference to higher authorities.

So, on October 16th 1940 in NYC, Dawson injected his primitive penicillium juice into two dying patients, thus (incidentally) ushering in our present Age of Antibiotics  ----and all the hope it has given this world ever since.

As I look at the picture of this poor needlessly drowned child, who an uncaring Harper government won't let into Canada, I can't help what wonder "What would Dawson do ?" if he were around today....

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