Friday, October 2, 2015

Are WASPs saving or savaging the Earth?

The world's environmental problems are way too big for 5% (or is it 4% or less ?) of the world's population who are WASPs (people like good old like Chip and Buffy down at the old country club) to solve all by themselves.

In fact I think one can argue that it was the WASPs who initially caused most of those problems.

The Republicans' mentally-gated community 

But the Republican Party, the Canadian Conservative party and other fellow travellers aren't dealing with these pressing environmental and climate issues.

They're too busy instead trying to shore up the privileged positions still held by the dwindling number of WASPs in the global Anglosphere and in North West Europe.

Its hopeless really, right from the start, mostly because the WASPs aren't breeding anymore - down to one or none kids per couple.

We simply can't afford to let 5, 4, 3 or 2 percent of the world's brains dominate the solutions to problems that their forebears largely caused.

Conflict of interest, for a start.

But, moreover, what the Earth really needs is a Big Tent of all possible talents working up a set of possible solutions, not some half-baked scheme casually thrown together over drinks inside a shrinking mentally-gated community of aging WASPs.

Because perhaps the best single solution to our global climate disaster might have been inside the head of a little three year old 'terrorist' that the Canadian Conservative Party won't let in and instead left to drown on a Turkish beach...

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