Monday, October 12, 2015

ConBloc axis of evil

Polls today are suggesting that Stephen Harper might win as many as 150 seats, Gilles Duceppe as many as twenty seats - combined (and combined they will be, if only momentarily) they form a bare majority in the Canadian parliament !

Now as leader of the largest party, Harper gets to call back Parliament to obtain a vote of confidence behind a very brief Speech from The Throne with but one item on it --- a bill to ban niqabs among federal public servants.

Godless far left and godly far right unite in dogwhistle effort to keep niqab-wearing 'darkies' out of public service

Duceppe is backed into a corner (albit of his own ego's making) and must vote with the Conservatives on this issue.

Harper thus survives long enough to issue a very attractive budget in early Spring 2016, and when his government falls over it, he announces a eighty day campaign to take advantage of all the money he has and the opposition parties do not.

He wins another - final - term and this time turns Canada into a country far to the right of the Republican Party.

Not exactly the kind of world that HFAx2 advocates, where all help all to the benefit of all ....

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