Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Disunity of Science

If you believe that a small simple fixed set of laws of nature governs everything and everyone in the Cosmos, now, in the past and in the future (and I don't*) then it follows we can reduce each and every problem or crisis down to one - and only one - correct solution.

No need then to let every half witted stumblebum in the world offer forth their potential solution, cluttering up the process, as if doing science was like other social processes, such as a democratic election or the workings of the free market.

No, let's just have the best executive recruitment firm around look over some scientific CVs and then pick the smartest men in the universe to come up with the one correct solution to our current environmental crisis.

Once they can figure out whether or not there are 69 or 91 flavours of colored spin on muons, five decades from now, they can work their way up from there to determine what specific brain neurons are responsible for making us put all that naughty man-made global warming gases in the atmosphere.

I will be thankfully long dead and buried then but my grandchildren won't - they'll probably be lying face down, like some three year old not-old-stock Canadian on a Turkish beach, as the ever rising seas wash over coastal Nova Scotia cities and towns...

* I am inside a rather new 'Big Tent' with the broad, if vague, flag of  'The Disunity of Science' waving above it.

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