Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Don't vote Trudeau : crack, whores, gutted PD

Okay, so its just Stephen Harper and twelve million Canadian Conservative voters tripping out on bad acid that actually believe that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will open suburban government brothels and force corner stores to sell "illegal" drugs and needles.

But Trudeau gutting PD like a fish --- that's all 110% true.

Because Trudeau has said that his party supports the still secret TTP, the trans pacific free trade agreement, sight unseen, because he trusts (sic !) Stephen Harper's claim that the TPP fully protects Canada's dairy and auto industry, as if that is all that the country hauls and hews.

Trudeau is a truly excellent retail politician, on the level of stars like former PMs Chretien and Mulroney, but everyone admits he is somewhat lacking in the intellectual property between his ears.

But no more so than 99% of Canada's journalists who also think TPP is okay because Canada's 20th century economy (milk and cars) are fully protected.

It takes someone like Professor Michael Geist to try and warn Canadians what a disaster TPP is in terms of Canada's 21st century economy  --- which is strong on IP (intellectual property) issue like pharmaceuticals and copyrights.

Canada has just agreed to seeing its copyright terms extended another 25 years - meaning that billions in dollars will flow out of the country as Canada is a negative intellectual property producer - buying more IP from abroad than it sells abroad.

HFAx2 exists solely to promote the need for more, not less, Open Source knowledge if the world is going to surmount the ecological crisis.

Losing 25 years of PD knowledge at the stroke of a secret pen is no way to advance the cause : the TPP is a total disaster on this score.

On October 19th, please vote.

But not for Trudeau and his team.

Go instead, if you must, for the real Harper, take at full strength.

Not for his little brother, Harper Lite.....

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