Friday, October 16, 2015

Read Green, as well as vote it?

Like all green minded voters, I am forced to read the bad news of the daily gutting of the planet (on the front page) from the very media corporations leading the intellectual charge promoting that gutting (on their business and editorial pages).

They are DINOSAURS --- and we all know the survival track record of past dinosaur groups - why should these dinosaurs' advice prove anymore sage ?

That is, I must read these media, if I want to read any news at all.

Because there are no Green-oriented mainstream (physical) media and nor is there ever likely to be any.

(Just as well, as they are hardly an example of the frugal use of scarce resources.)

But online daily green-oriented publications, located around the world but freely sharing informed news and informed commentary on ways to surmount our current ecological crisis, might just approach the greens' demanding twin requirements of global inclusivity and physical frugality.

Online aggregators of dozens of small bloggers, existing (and writing) locally but always thinking of global implications, delivered to a potentially global audience.

Because it isn't enough to say that the Microbes, with almost four billion years of survival success fighting off the worst disasters that the Cosmos could throw at them, never had online green newspapers.

But what they did do (and still do) is to practise both physical frugality and global (via HGT) inclusivity of survival knowledge.

The tiny microbes, not the giant dinosaurs, seem to have the best track record in providing proven methods for ensuring ecological survival - one we greens would do well to emulate.

For in Nature, unlike in our current corporation-dominate world, bigger isn't always better, might isn't always right, and Mother Nature herself hardly seems to be on the side of the big battalions....

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