Sunday, October 11, 2015

'Sharing like a Microbe'

Sharing is not something we ever associate with germs - we think it is us contagious humans who share the infectious diseases caused by germs.

Human couples, along with couples from all of the larger species, share their genomes only with their children.

But the microbes share their genomes with each other, worldwide, across all microbe species - via a process called HGT (horizontal gene transfer).

And it is the main reason why microbes have been able to collectively survive every global crisis that the Cosmos has ever thrown at Life on Earth in almost four billion years.

Call it 'crowd sourcing' or 'open source' or 'open access' or what have you, we humans do have the beginnings of an equivalent to microbial HGT.

Perhaps because, by no coincidence, we humans for the first time are facing a crisis far far too big to rely upon the traditional one percent that has had all the power and made all the big decisions in the world up to now.

The microbes survived, when bigger beings like the dinosaurs and now possibly us went on to extinction, because they 'crowd sourced' solutions from 100% of the microbes in the world for 100% of the microbes in the world.

They did not gate their equivalent of our nations to keep new people (with new solutions) out.

So let our new mantra be "Help from all : Hope for all" ....

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