Saturday, October 17, 2015

The One Percent's solution is not strong enough

Our planet's biosphere is in a hell of a mess and the solutions proposed by The One Percent aren't strong enough to clean it up.

(Particularly as The One Percent is exactly who got us into this disaster in the first place !)

'Help From All : Hope For All' (HFA : HFA) (HFAx2)

We need to urgently crowd source possible fixes - we need the new ideas that only a full-strength 'one hundred percent solution' can provide.

We need the human equivalent of the microbes' HGT - we need everybody helping each other collectively find some answers to our global crisis.

We can't overlook a possible humanity-saving solution just because the person with the idea wears a niqab, or might be a three year old terrorist bobbing on a Turkish beach, or isn't from 'Old Stock'.

Solutions to humanity's crisis can't be a gated community , with everybody given an Aryan Level Three blood test before being allowed inside.

Because, after all, the benefits of success will help us all.

And the fallout from failure will drift down on all of us too.

Make  "Help From All : Hope For All"  your favourite meme...

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