Wednesday, October 28, 2015

THIS Trudeau wants to hustle...your vote

Remember just how often much ballyhooed "reforms" turn out to be a big step backwards, not a small step forward?

Prepare then to feel betrayed ---- again.

Because Canada's 'hot' new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has already strongly indicated he wants to reform that country's elections.... by moving backwards to the deservedly loathed AV voting system that regularly re-elects Australia's famously climate-hostile governments.

Trudeau's highly popular (if typically very vague) recent election promise to reform Canada's voting is actually an extremely partisan double curve --- promising reform while in reality delivering a near permanent lockhold on majority government for his Liberal Party.

This is because in systems with three big parties such Canada, AV means the left and right wing tend to vote for the centrist party (in this case Trudeau's Liberals) as their second choice.

Canada's Liberals have traditionally campaigned in the sunshine (per Laurier) but end up governing in the darkness.

So while Trudeau and his Liberals talk 'a more inclusive Canadian society' talk, they invariably walk a 'more exclusion voting' walk when it comes to real actions...

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