Friday, October 9, 2015

Hate's frontiers keeps new ideas out

Briton (cum Canadian cum American) Anglo Saxon Supremacist Peter Brimelow and Australian (cum British cum Canadian) dog whistle wedge electioneer Lynton Crosby are the past and present intellectual inspirations for Canadian politician Stephen Harper.

As Conservative Prime Minister, Harper is currently leading the meanest, nastiest, most hate-filled election campaign in his country in almost 100 years.

One has to go back to an earlier Conservative Prime Minister led campaign, that of the wartime election of 1917 , to find such bile and naked hatred.

That too was an election campaign based upon racist definitions of just who was or was not a 'real Canadian' and was deliberately designed to set the vast country's religions, ethnicities, regions, classes and genders at each others' throats.

To Prime Minister Borden's government, conservative middle class WASPs could be trusted to be patriotic --- but everyone else were suspect.

Ironically, it took almost seventy years before some sections of Canada began to trust the Conservative Party itself again.

The Canadian who won't receive a Nobel Prize : Aylan Kurdi

There is one fundamental reason why America, a nation about the same size as Canada, has about a million times more intellectual and cultural impact upon the world : its historic attitude to incoming new ideas.

For all its many many faults, America remains much more open to new ideas and that means they must - however reluctantly - also be open to the new people who hold them.

That American attitude now has to go international if humanity is to survive the immense global climate and environmental crisis it has created for itself and Mother Nature.

No, take that back.

What's called for is a far far Bigger Big Tent than that.

We need to look at how microbial HGT, a truly frontier-less approach to (literally !) 'taking up' new ideas has kept the microbes on Earth for almost four billion years.

Surviving almost four billion years worth of truly global disasters on a scale that humanity has thankfully been, so far, unable to imitate.

Perhaps the tiny, stupid, helpless bugs are onto something...

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