Thursday, October 22, 2015

Why Elizabeth May should resign

The Tories are doing it, the Bloc is doing it, the NDP should be doing it - and so too should the Greens.

Maybe even the birds and the bees are doing it, too. (Ooops - that's Makin' Whoopee !)

Time for all the grey haired Baby Boomers at the top of each of those parties to pass on the reins of power to a new generation of Tories, BQs, NDPers and Greens, as this week's successful Liberals have already done.

Sure, sure, charitably let the elderly stay on as MPs - MPs in their sixties and seventies are still doing good work, I hear.


But people that old unfortunately may not attract millions of those oh so elusive young people to actually get out and vote - and that is never good for democracy.

Just because elderly boomers (people like me) seem quite happy to vote for young whippersnappers doesn't mean that the young feel as charitably to elderly boomer leaders.

Time for us aging hippies to retire to our dotage, to reminisce about 'summers of love, tie dyed t-shirts and bad acid' that we never actually saw in person but read all about in MacLeans and Time Magazine.

May has a really big job to do - but leading a party isn't it

Time for us to renew our strength to bring our experience to fighting one last fight - the Big One - for the fate of this planet.

But perhaps just not as the greying heads of 21st century political parties....

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