Monday, November 9, 2015

Helpers & Helpees Beyond the Pale

Dr Henry Dawson, seemingly so meek and so mild, so the 'Clem Atlee of medicine research' among all the alpha males occupying the upper reaches of the Allied scientific effort.

Or was the terminally ill Henry Dawson really a quietly and deeply subversive 'Inside Agitator' ?

He certainly knew how to rub the fur of his colleagues the wrong way.

He deliberately went out of his scientific way to pick fungus slime to be his life-saving helpers of choice, knowing just how far beyond the late 1940 scientific Pale was the mere thought of injecting its metabolical poop and pee into the pure temple of the human blood stream.

Dawson then went on to pick a Negro and a Jew, SBE patients, as his helpees of choice, again knowing full well how far beyond the late 1940 scientific Pale was the thought of wasting any scarce wartime resources on these working class nobodies suffering an embarrassingly stubbornly incurable disease.

Bending the stubborn Allied High Command to his will

But Dawson hoped to succeed, not merely annoy, and thus present a concrete example of the good things that could flow to the Allied cause if they too extended their reach as to who they would permit to help and who they would deign to try and help.

And indeed, just two years later, in late 1943, Allied heavy bombers were being pulled off their wartime efforts to bomb and burn and kill as many babies as possible, to deliver mere grams of fungus poop penicillin half way around the world to try to save dying babies.

Never underestimate the quiet ones....

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