Monday, November 9, 2015

Iraq/TPP : MSM missing in (non) action, AGAIN

We do not actually have a Fourth Estate, that much talked up and supposedly highly independent fourth voice set against the executive, legislative and judicial branches of every nation.

Not in the mainstream media (MSM) anyway, as a recent example out of Canada's election again reveals.

Proof #1 : Iraq

In the lead up to the disastrous invasion of Iraq, once there was bipartisan big party support for the war in the UK & US, the mainstream media, led as always by the government-owned 'public' news outlets, refused to use their quasi constitutional "devil's advocate right" to closely question the rush to war.

End result -- disaster and death in the Middle East and in the West.

Proof #2 : TPP

During the recent Canadian election, once there was bipartisan support for the secret TPP trade treaty from Canada's two traditional old line parties, the soon-to-win Liberals and the governing Conservatives, the old line MSM in that country, led by the CBC (public broadcaster), decided that the criticism of the trade bill from the fast fading  NDP and Green parties was just sour grapes.

The TPP became a non news story because it seemed clear to the MSM that yesterday's big industries ( dairy and auto) would be well protected.

This, even though tomorrow's big industries in Canada's intellectual property sector would be hard hit, according to knowledgeable experts, writing mostly in the blogosphere.

One would have thought because intellectual property was the actual widget that the MSM and their reporters manufactured each and every day, concerns over intellectual property losses would have hit home especially hard in MSM minds and pocketbooks.

But no, as in the US and UK, Canadian old line reporters and editors faithfully took their intellectual cues from the old line parties.

MSM is the real echo-chamber !

And very faithfully, the Canadian MSM reflected back to their readers and viewers, just like a mirror or an echo chamber, that majority consensus (because the old line Liberals and Conservatives represented more than 70% of the voters between them) on the TPP.

But if we expect our old line media to actually be a probing searchlight, rather than a mirror or echo-chamber, then we are looking for journalistic love in all the wrong places...

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