Tuesday, November 3, 2015

IV : Inclusive Voices in Legislatures

It is never enough just to allow everybody to vote.

Not if we then deliberately set up the rules of our electoral system to ensure that generally only well to do candidates from parties representing the well to do voters win virtually all the seats in the resulting legislature.

And claiming that our society upholds inclusive values does not mean we only move to inclusive voting, designed to ensure 'a voice in the legislature for every voter'.

We must go bigger, go wider.

Inclusive Visions

It must also see inclusive voices in that legislature - presenting voices from all genders and sexual orientations, most major religious divides, all regions in the nation, every age group and all major ethnicities including visible minorities and aboriginal peoples.

Above all, it must include voices from every income and education level --- not all elected representative must be some of the best educated people in the universe.

Sometimes a legislature is most successful if it also includes some of the most ordinary people in the universe...

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