Thursday, November 5, 2015

IV is the wampum* of initials

What does the letter "V" mean in my term IV ?

It means - but is not limited to - inclusive values, or voting, or voices, or visions, or virtues or variety or victories or valour and verve or voyage or vow.

And vaulting and vehement and venerable and veracious and verdant and veritable and vibrant and vigorous and vital and vigilant and viridescent and visible and visionary and vivacious and vivid and vocal and votive inclusion.

In the special case of Henry Dawson, IV and fermenting and STAT forms a bit of a triple pun .

Dawson is today best remembered for speedily fermenting penicillin and injecting (IV) the world's first life-saving antibiotics, all in only five weeks (STAT ! )

But I argue that really Dawson was urgently (STAT !) trying to ferment and inject an inclusive vision into a globe-in-crisis that sadly lacked any.

I hope I have successfully implied  that my meaning for IV and the concept 'Agape' aren't really that far apart....

* tip of the hat to Flanders and Swan's song about wampum...

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