Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trudeau,George III, 'virtual representation'

In King George III's day, the era of the American Revolution, only 3% of Britons (and no colonists) could vote for the Parliament that taxed them and the 97% sought to remind George III that they "wanted in".

Shades of today's Canadians reminding Justin Trudeau that "the 2/3 that didn't vote for him wants In !"

"Not to worry", said George III's government, "we represent the interests of the silenced majority in parliament via 'virtual representation'".

"No GST Taxing without Representation"

The American colonies did not agree, arguing against taxation without (direct) representation' of the voters' will.

We all know the end result.

Today's Canadian George III, new PM Justin Trudeau, is also promising 'virtual representation' via his preference for Canadians to vote by AV, or as panicked Liberal party members are starting to call it, the"ordered ballot".

This is merely the old system of FPTP ( the one that currently elects all powerful governments based on the support of 1/3 of the votes of the 1/2 the voters who bother to vote) gussed in new paint.

FPTP merely gave us "fake majorities" at the national parliament level.

AV will now also give us "fake majorities" at the local level as well.

Here's how it works :

You have decided on the spouse you want to spend the rest of your life with, and its your honeymoon night.

Justin demands you first hookup with spouse's various BFFs on your wedding night

Suddenly a bunch of Trudeau government bureaucrats barges into your bedroom and demand that you first have a one night hookup with three of your spouse's BFFs.

"But I love my spouse and only my spouse and I told the clerk that earlier", you protest.

"Yes, yes, your spouse is your first choice but we demand to know your second, third and fourth choices for your spouse."

"But I don't have any second, third or fourth choices."

"You must learn to fake a second and a fake third and a fake fourth choice for your spouse - faking a majority is just like faking an orgasm", says the Trudeau bureaucrats.

You think, "yeah and it feels just about as good."

Your fake second ,third and fourth choices reluctantly extracted, the Justin bureaucrats then announce who the"majority" winner in your local riding is.

Majority Winner indeed -- with goals from 19% of the real first choices ---- and assists from the 17% of the faked second choices and 11% of the faked third choices and 6% of the faked fourth choices of the voters.

With a 53% 'virtual majority' the new MP now has a mandate to do anything they want with your wallet for the next four years.

"We will virtually represent the silenced majority that didn't directly vote for us."

Not exactly the 99% 'virtual majorities' once so beloved in places like Albania and North Korea but hey, Justin is working on it.

Let us mount another analogy for AV and the ordered ballot.

Its like walking into your favourite car dealership hoping to buy a Ford truck only to be told by Justin bureaucrats that you have to indicate your second, third and fourth choices.

They come in later and tell you that your collective choices have won you a Fiat 500 instead !

Like choosing a spouse, people spend a lot of time making up their mind in picking the one and only party and candidate they wish to support in a particular election.

They don't generally have a plan B or plan C or plan D for other spouses in their honeymoon bed and nor should they be compelled to do so when it comes to their ballot either.

"Justin Trudeau government has no fracking place in the bedrooms or ballotboxes of the nation" 

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