Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Justin's 'reformed' ballot choice is RANK

New Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wants to defeat the persistent calls that 'every vote in Canada finds a voice in Parliament' by quickly moving to a rank ballot system (aka AV) that will only benefit centrist parties like his Liberals.

This is fully consist with the Liberals' belief that they are Canada's natural governing party and any means to that end are morally justified.

(Justin-ified ?)

Canada's Conservative party is always confrontational and in your face in its efforts to move the country to the right but the Liberals prefer to smile in your face, while gently insert a stiletto into your back.

Rank Ballot systems always favour centrist parties who generally only get about 1/3 of the primary vote but who then go on to win 'fake majorities' by picking up secondary votes from both the left and the right.

Trudeau might just get his way.

If there is one fantasy held by nearly all of Canada's left wing NDP and right wing Conservative lifer politicians (besides the persistent fantasy involving whipped cream and two members of the opposite sex), it is that their party - not the Liberals - is Canada's naturally governing centrist-leaning party.

But Rank Ballots are like government bureaucrats breaking into to the honeymoon suite of two thirds of all Canadians to announce that they must first hook up with all their former BFFs.

The unhappy 2/3rds complain that they have already picked their one true love forever and they don't want to hook up with their earlier choices.

In vain.

Because they all end up, again, with their vote not represented in Parliament - instead they must settle for 'sloppy seconds'. Or thirds....

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