Sunday, November 1, 2015

Narrow vs Wide Generosity

Vertical inheritance, the sort of lawyer's Will written to give your estate away only to your closest family and friends, is narrow generosity by any definition.

It works the way we humans and all larger species pass on our genome : narrowly indeed --- only to blood children.

But when you give away your estate to your community, your nation or your world, you are practising horizontal inheritance, generous inheritance.

You are then emulating, in the human world of culture and money, the way the tiny microbes has survived all that a hostile giant Cosmos could throw at them over four billion years.

Inclusion experts with four billion years of survival success

Microbes have only survived because of their wide, generous, horizontal, 'giving away' of bits of their individual microbe genomes to the world wide microbe community, to take up and use as they see fit.

It is usually been called HGT, 'horizontal gene transferring'.

it is really better described as the transferring of freely offered gifts of total unique and useful genes, horizontally out among the entire microbe population, worldwide.

Whether humans or bacteria practise it, I think it is pass due time that we should more scientifically accurately describe it (and understand it) as Horizontal Gift Transferring (HGT) ...

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