Saturday, November 7, 2015

Trudeau : 4 Sikhs but zero Blacks, East Asians

Canada talks a talk that it is inclusive --- but its federal Cabinet don't walk the inclusive walk .

In having ministers who are also representative of some large and historically underrepresented minorities, the new Trudeau cabinet is actually less advanced than the earlier and supposedly 'WASP gated community' Harper cabinet.

A few elections from now 1/3 of all Canadians will be from groups that are officially regarded as 'visible minorities' (IE non-whites) and its federal cabinet better start reflecting that new fact.

Think of it this way : the human-created Sixth Mass Extinction is, at the bottom, the exclusion of thousands of non-human species from the category of 'life worthy of life'.

That sort of exclusionary attitude to the environment has its origins in human society's equally exclusionary attitude to some of the world's fellow human beings : other nations, races, ethnicities etc.

I push, in the area of politics, for Inclusive Voting and Inclusive Cabinets because they are in themselves alone, a bloody good start to ending our global environmental crisis...

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