Monday, November 30, 2015

Trudeau forces voters to "CHEAT" on the party they love

Does the Canadian Liberal Party push for AV really mean a move to "Adultery" Voting ?

It better not, because to adapt a phrase from long long ago, 'the Trudeau government has no place in the bedrooms of the national ballot box'.

A voter should always have the right to vote for the party or candidate of their first choice.

But a supposed reform of Canada's electoral system, moving to the Rank Ballot and the AV (Adultery Voting) scheme, as favoured by the Trudeau Liberals, would effectively remove that right - virtually forcing voters to cheat on their favourite party and to see their second, third, four or fifth choice take top place instead.

Instead of simply having false majorities created in the governing party's large total seat count versus their smaller total vote count, this adultery voting would ensure new but totally false majorities are created for the ultimate winners in about two thirds of Canada's MP districts.

The system is designed to favour centrist parties in three party systems split left right and centre.

It is designed to favour the Canadian Liberals.

And it forces most voters to cheat on the party they really favour.

It is sleazy and dirty....

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