Saturday, December 13, 2014

First person to receive penicillin (the antibiotic) was black and or Jewish .. but he was not an Oxford policeman or an Yale housewife

who was the first person to receive penicillin ?

The first of about a half dozen patients to receive penicillin-the-antiseptic before 1940, was one of Alexander Fleming's medical assistants.

As an antiseptic, penicillin was a times useful but never any lifesaver - antiseptics rarely are.

Only when penicillin is taken internally can it be called a miracle cure and a major life-saver.

That method first happened in human patients in NYC on October 16th 1940 when given to Negro Aaron Leroy Alston and Jew Charles Aronson .

Who came first of the pair - even if only by a minute or so - is not important and we do not know in any case.

Alston was definitely , for sure , the patient intended to get penicillin first while Aronson came in at the very last minute but might, for that very reason, have been treated a minute before Alston.

Despite what you read in mainstream media and history , neither Oxford policeman Mr Alexander or Yale housewife Mrs Miller were the first to be treated by the antibiotic version of penicillin.

Claims that they were, are to not be too subtle about it, Big Lies --- promoted by powerful organizations with more reputation and money to lose than moral scruples to retain....

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