Saturday, December 26, 2015

Millenniums the NEW VICTORIANS ?

Warning : reading the text in this space may trigger vague little feelings of aggression towards its author

To briefly recap, the Victorians of 150 years ago covered up the legs of pianos not because there was actual scientific evidence that the sight encouraged males to ravage females, but because many people simply 'felt' it would and because the sight of bare furniture legs made them 'feel' uneasy.

Fast forward to today and many millenniums are equally convinced that simply because they 'feel' learning about historical injustices will make them 'feel' uncomfortable, universities should not be permitted to talk about them.

Emotions, then and now, trump facts.

And because one of the best (and best paid) sinecures in the whole world is to create better paid tasks for yourself in the administration of a university, there are always lots of university admins about eager to coddle all these new phobias of these New Victorian cum post-millennium students.

Universities - at least in the eyes of their admin types - are strictly businesses these days and cash cow students, not taxpayers, are the real customers --- if enough unhappy students leave university A for university B, the first lot of admins will be out of a job.

So it becomes 'give 'em whatever they want -- above all, keep the customer satisfied'.

Millenniums are too busy sexting to take up all of the Victorian Era's broad phobia over matters sexual, but there are many new terrors these New Victorians will no doubt want to cover up with the help of the universities' Mr Bowdler and Mrs Grundy....

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