Sunday, January 3, 2016

iPad Mini blogging

I am going to Washington DC (plus NJ, MD & VA) to do archival research later this month.

So I have bitten the bullet, given my usual travelling computer, an iPod Touch 4, to my granddaughter Sam and have started using my hitherto unused iPad Mini original version.

I have added a nice leather keyboard case from Ionic, so it is like a very light and very thin notebook. 

I normally compose my blog posts on a 13 inch macBook white or a 21.5 inch i-Mac, so it will take adjustments to get used to a 7.9 inch screen - though I am using Google's mobile version of Blogger.

I will examine everything penicillin in the records of the OSRD CMR and the WPB OPRD at the national archives II at College Park MD and then go to the NAS archives in downtown DC to look at the penicillin records for its wartime COC sub-division.

I may regret not taking the train to UPenn in Philadelphia to look at the AN Richards collection.

Non-MD Dr Richards headed the OSRD CMR and had more (baneful) things to do with the Allies' penicillin program than anyone else, from summer 1941 to summer 1943 ------ until baby Patty Malone thankfully intervened....

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