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Thumbnail, Dawson Bio cover & title

Feb 1 2016 Update

Back again to my title .....
Dawson Bio cover & title

The inside Title Page :

Fermenting Hope

In a war-wearied world, divided by eugenic science into the 'worthy' few and the 'unworthy' many, Dr Dawson's homebrew penicillin was made by many and provided for all

Michael Marshall

Fermenting Hope PD

Halifax Canada


Previous JAN 27 2016  title change

I have come to prefer the title as "Growing Hope" .

Now the book cover has the word "Growing" above the image of Gladys Hobby's arms daily holding above her head a petri dish of blue-green penicillium mold and golden drops of penicillin juice, to inspire SBE patients with hope --- with the word "Hope" directly below.

The inside 'Title Page' :

Growing Hope

In the depths of WWII, a handful of doctors
defeat the Beltway to bring penicillin to all.

Michael Marshall
Blockheaded Publishing PD
Halifax Canada

The image is my rather blatant knockoff of the Atomic Manhattan Project's much more famous 'fungus' cloud.

Only my cover features another wartime Manhattan project, involving an actual fungus: the 700 two litre flasks of penicillium, raised in a major 'grow op', right inside the pristine-clean corridors of NYC's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

The image represents petri plates of penicillium, reverently held aloft in the wards of that hospital each day like a Roman Catholic monstrance, held aloft by the very Presbyterian Dr Gladys Hobby.

She was trying to keep up the hopes of dying SBE patients who were otherwise denied all hope by a heartless Allied medical establishment.

The medical establishment said that the leader of this tiny team , Dr Henry Dawson, was simply 'fermenting trouble' and at a time of Total War, too.

Dawson always pleaded guilty to the fermenting bit, but said it was hope, not trouble, that he fermenting.

When the head of a small Brooklyn supplier to the soda pop industry personally climbed on board his project, soon all of a weary war-torn world felt some hope....

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