Thursday, January 7, 2016

medicine as an OSRD weapon of war goes unchallenged for 75 years

It should be seen as a bit of a paradox : America's OSRD (Office of Scientific Research & Development) the American war-only weapons-producing agency that brought us the A-Bomb, radar, Napalm & the proximity Fuse ---- also (supposedly) brought us life-saving penicillin.

The OSRD was indeed very narrowly set up , authorised only to spend on developing - but not actually making - weapons of war that could be realistically expected to see action during the actual war.

So how did life-saving - medicine - ever fit into this ?

No one has ever asked.

It was an era where medicalizing hate (see Hitler) was a commonplace ----and others were equally willing to use terms like "surgical strikes" in their military thinking.

But in our postmodern era of today , we are more unwilling than in the modern era to accept the use of  the denial of medicine as a legitimate weapon of war.

Pre-modern ages agree with us postmoderns in this.

Dr Henry Dawson disagreed as well, during the war, and set up a massive world-history changing conflict in the process.....

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