Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1939-1945 : scenery chewing actors ...

1939-1945 : 'civilized men' battle each other to divide the natural world - but then , totally unexpectedly , it resists...

"1939 -1945 : Scenery Chewing Actors" is a wonderful ambiguous title.

Does it mean ham actors like Hitler, Mussolini and Churchill tore up the natural world, in passing,  as they struggled to lead all humanity ?

Or does it mean does it mean the best laid plans of mousy prime ministers and ratty war lords are blunted and broken when the neutral seeming natural backdrop to their human-only drama turns out to be very much alive around and willing to bite back ?

Or perhaps, that a lot of both can be found in the actual events of that six year long war.

A 'civilized men' upon 'civilized men' military conflict,  mixed in with the natural world exhibiting unexpected 'push back'  against the pretensions of those 'civilized men' , right across the globe....

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