Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WWII's middle class delusion - that only the morale of less civilizied is easily broken

Morale-krieg : breaking the will or the wild ?

Diving Stukas , sirens wailing , bombing city bus stations or strafing refugee columns.

Paratroopers and Fifth Columnists popping up out of nowhere, guns ablazing.

Hard-charging Panzer tanks crushing civilian cars and people while un-announced U-boat attacks in the night sink civilian liners filled with women and children.

Blitzkrieg was clearly Terror-krieg and Morale-breaking-krieg.

But whose morale exactly ?

The British establishment made it very clear that they believed that the working class poor could least stand modern warfare.

This is why they provided their own working class poor with with no deep shelters during the Blitz , convinced they'd never come out to work in the factories if so provided.

And why they focussed their own later air raids on 'de-housing' the German working class.

The other Allies supposedly focussed instead upon hitting factories , all the while full knowing  that they usually missed their intended targets and so hit nearby housing - of the working class poor.

Same dif , in other words - just a little less honest than Britain's Butcher Harris.

The Germans, Italians and Japanese also diverted much of the efforts of their supposed 'military' machine during their Blitz wars towards terror attacks on the clearly non-military : stay-home 4Fs, women, children and the elderly.

(No class bias was evident in the Axis targets - they still aimed for the weak but here the weak were defined as those who weren't adult-healthy-males and thus by definition, already in the armed forces.)

Terror attacks were also directed against those they judged weaker 'races' (ie ethnicities) : the classic example being 1930s Italian gas attacks from the air against rural tribes in Ethiopia .

(A lesson they had learned from pioneering British efforts done against Iraqi tribes in the 1920s.)

So were all these air terror attacks on columns of people on roads really aimed at 'breaking the will' of those Modernity judged fully capable of having a will : adult educated white males ?

(Men who should have been found , by that point of the war, mostly in military encampments.)

Or were those attacks aimed at 'stampeding the primitive flee instincts' of those Modernity judged incapable of having a fully formed will : such as horses, darkie natives, Slavs, the poor, children and elderly women ?

To the educated male white elite of Modernity, all sorts of humans were judged to be closer to mankind's primitive origins than themselves : such as children, the poor and uneducated, the primitive nations, women - even the very elderly of both sexes.

In terms of numbers, they sawing those incapable of exhibiting full will and rationality as varying from 65% to 90% of an individual nation's population : in all cases forming a clear majority.

Panic and stampede the wild majority and the rational minority would be like generals all dressed up for war but with no troops left to command.

It is a cliche of metaphorical speech to say that the Germans treated the Poles 'like animals' , but few realize the Germans meant to do so literally.

When Man first domesticated wild dogs, he probably began by killing the Alpha male dogs so that Man himself could be regarded as the new Alpha male.

So too the Germans , within minutes inside Poland, systemically began killing all the intellectual and leadership Poles, 'the smartest ten percent' .

They intended not to kill the rest, but to treat them as a slave labour pool for generations and generations to come : human work animals, fully domesticated.

Unfortunately these wild animals refused to stick to the script the Nazis had written and the Polish Home Army was the earliest and most effective resistance against Hitler.

Modernity's propaganda said that at the war's beginning, modern German machinery (tanks) had mauled those relics of the wild - the Polish calvary and their equally wild horses.

By war's end, wild Polish horses and their wild drivers were hauling modern (but fuel-less) German tanks , disguised as piles of wild hay,
to meet their doom before the incoming wild Slavic invasion.

WWII  : Wild one , Will nothing ....

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