Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finally ---- a penicillin movie with a genuine hero - a North American hero to boot !

My book series will be the first books - ever - about the dramatic events of wartime penicillin that will feature a North American, Canadian-American Martin Henry Dawson, as its chief protagonist.

And it will thus be the first ever to feature a genuine hero as its chief protagonist.

Give credit to your typical cigar-chomping Hollywood producer - they have consistently seen what 75 years of academics have failed to see : that the proposed 'heroes' of an wartime penicillin film, Alec Fleming and Howard Florey, are in fact pure box office poison to the women who form the bulk of the audience for any medical drama.

By contrast, Henry Dawson looks like the self-less medical hero from classic Hollywood central casting -  but on steroids : this truth being stranger and stronger than any possible fiction....

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