Saturday, September 5, 2015

a Diversified biological Portfolio or placing all our genetic bets in one basket ?

Do you feel lucky Humanity, do ya ?

Do you think you can accurately predict now what genes, species, geniuses we will need in the future ?

Do ya, do ya ?

Accurately enough to pick the most productive corn variety in America and bin all the underproducing heirloom varieties ; enough to pick the most Aryan children in Europe and eliminate all the rest together with all the adult defectives and asocials ?

Da ya, do ya ?

Think then of the resulting 1970s Corn Blight ; think if mass murder has ever really brought mass happiness.

Do you still feel lucky punks and punkettes ?

If so, perhaps then you have a hubristic personality (aka being left brained or possessing the conservative mind) : you oppose the need for any wasteful precautionary principles and biodiversity, because you already know all the answers.

But us who are more cautious about the human ability to accurately predict the future, store up our treasures of human diversity and biodiversity.

The more the better.

Because, dear Mr Harper, inside all that messy diversity, inside all the flood of refugees, inside all that 'humanity washed ashore',  just could be Humanity's Plan B,C,D or X,Y,Z  ---- when the cosmic poop really hits the planetary fan...

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