Monday, September 28, 2015

Dawson's Smalls

A small team of just four, working with small penicillium fungoid growths helpers, all to heal some small patients, working class SBE youths, the very "4Fs of the 4Fs".

Dr Henry Dawson seemed to have kept his team deliberately small, not just to maximize his freedom from the people and institutions who wanted to financially shut him down, but also to make a point of the continuing abilities of small science and small science teams to still do major work.

Again, he deliberately chose to rub the fur of Allied medical science the wrong way when he decided to break a worldwide medical taboo, and after only all five weeks into his project, inject the raw penicillin made from the dismissed-as-too-primitive penicillium mold into his patients' blood stream.

This, rather than wait years or decades for Big Pharma and Big Medicine to painstakingly and slowly bring mass clinically tested synthetic penicillin to market.

Finally of course, Dawson seemed to doom his 'penicillin project' to years of failure by picking by far the hardest disease on the books to try and cure with the limited amounts he could make or obtain.

But of course his project was never about penicillin and he deliberately picked the SBEs because they were 'the least of these' on everyone else's medical priority list, if a shooting war broke out.

Dawson's small team picked the small penicillium mold and the small SBEs out of the dustbin of history, where they had been both dismissively tossed, and then made out of them something truly wondrous and globe-changing to behold....

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