Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The why of Dawson's "small" penicillin

Life, if we but let it, is a 'Coalition of All Talents', containing not just Plan A but also all other Plans right up to Plan Z, and is never more useful then in a crisis situation.

If, instead, one instantly consigning all the small to the category of 'useless' and then start doing the same to all women and to all non-WASP populations etc, that is rather like sending more than half of your army home ---- on indefinite leave.

Not a smart move in any war --- particularly not in a war that you are already losing.

In the dark days of late 1940, Dr Henry Dawson thought the Allied cause certainly needed the talents of all, rather than discarding more than half of humanity on the spot.

To both rebuke the Allies and to set an alternative example, Dawson's Manhattan-based "small" penicillin project deliberately used the talents of the neglected small penicillium to try and bring the neglected small SBE patients back to happy productive lives....

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