Saturday, September 5, 2015

With smart bombs, the Allies are more accurately killing kids to make their father soldiers surrender, still to ensure our soldiers won't have to fight

Before the 1990s, much of the Allies's high tech/ high level bombing efforts went so astray that bombs meant for killing kids in cities actually fell among cows in farmers' open fields instead.

Supposedly we've improved our technology and morality since then, so bombs now tend to fall only on their military targets, aka buildings.

But we still can't really be sure what is inside those military 'targets' .

Sometimes they are indeed filled with bad men with guns ; but sometimes there are only kids with teddies inside.

All dead ------- either way.

(Here reference the recent release of secret documents detailing how Canadian planes recently dropped bombs that ended up killing ISIS kiddies instead of ISIS killers.)

And the Allied military brass, boys more in love with nice clean shiny new uniforms than even their shiny new high tech toys, has always lied about all the kiddies they have killed .

Lied in 1940 Europe right through to 2015 Syria and Iraq and Palestine.

Because admitting high tech "strategic bombing" wars don't really work, morally or militarily, would mean going on to Plan B - getting lots of men with rifles and shiny new uniforms to start crawling in the mud towards their targets.

And the military brass, the air force above all, hardly joined the military to get their clothes muddy and wet.

Or to die.

That's the job of the other daddies' kiddies...

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