Friday, October 2, 2015

Dawson's 'Penicillin without Frontiers'

If Vannevar Bush and Winston Churchill had had their way, penicillin would have become a secret and exclusive weapon of war, just as DDT and atomic energy became during WWII.

But penicillin escaped this fate, thanks to Dr Martin Henry Dawson's "Big Tent"  Manhattan Project.

Dawson thought that natural penicillin - cheap abundant "PD" penicillin - should be made available to all in the world in need of its lifesaving properties.

Particularly during a total war against a evil Axis.

As a concrete example of how the Allies really were different from Hitler - and not just differing only in their high-sounding (but ultimately hollow) rhetoric.

Doctors without Frontiers didn't emerge formally for twenty five years after Dawson's premature death, but if he had lived, he would have cheered its birth to the rafters....

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