Monday, October 26, 2015

Mark of an inclusive society is inclusive voting

The hallmark of any society that claims to be truly inclusive is IV, inclusive voting systems that are truly open to the diversity of voter choice, truly open to supporting the diversity of humanity.

Only then can that society also fairly claim to be truly open to supporting and protecting the diversity of Nature.

By contrast, EV (exclusion voting systems - FPTP voting and its AV variants) is voting red in tooth and claw, winner take all voting, zero sum voting, alpha male voting, "Social Darwinism at the Ballot Box."

EV (leaving  2/3 of all voters out in the cold election after election) is figuratively killing democracy --- but far far more importantly, it and its ethos is literally killing this planet.

It is no coincidence at all that the democracies that still cling to EV (and here the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia spring to mind) are in the forefront of efforts to keep treating Nature only as the exclusive (and constantly wasting) bounty of Man.

Or that the nations with IV inclusive voting systems, ones that truly respect the diversity of voter choice, also lead the way in protecting and cherishing the diversity of Nature.

If it takes Civil Diso to save this planet by ending the apartheid of EV elections, so be it ...

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