Thursday, October 8, 2015

Digital Niqabs of angry male commentators

What names and personalities lies behind the physical niqabs of the few young women who wear them in public in Canada ?

Hard to tell.

What names and personalities lie behind the virtual cum digital niqabs adopted by hundreds of thousands of (the usually) angry men who have taken to the comments sections of online media to rail against physical niqabs ?

Even harder to tell.

I grew up long after the tradition of  18th and 19th century newspaper "letters to the editor" being signed by obviously made up names to retain the writer's anonymity.

In my youth, letters to the editor displayed the writer's full name, their community name and sometimes even their street address - all carefully confirmed by the paper's editorial staff.

I know well - having written many such letters and having been carefully vetted each time.

But nowadays, using a virtual avatar name is almost universal  for the writers in mass media comment sections ----  or even when signing off on personal Twitter blasts.

And to call a spade a spade in the good old angry white anglo saxon protestant way, those avatars are effectively digital niqabs --- the right wing equivalent of all those Guy Fawkes masks used by left wing protesters on the streets these days.

Now the young women in niqabs are truly trying to remain anonymous - they are not attempting to have their cake and eat it too, retaining their anonymity in public while also claiming to be "the voice of the silent (sic!) majority."

Actually they're now a minority and this is the reason for their angry panicky tone.

Pure Laine WASPs or Quebecers without any mixed ancestry are now as rare as hen's teeth and it isn't due  simply to an inflow of new non-WASP immigrants either.

Rather it is because that since the Sixties, young WASPs, Pure Laines francopones and Aryans all over the world are marrying outside of their ethnic blessed circle.

(As are young Jews too , for that matter - in all ethnic groups, romantic love is trumping parental concerns to keep the bloodlines pure.)

While pure laine WASPs may still be marrying, they're not having many babies - it is  almost easier to get a pair of Pandas to breed than it is to get pure laine WASPs to breed.

Stephen Harper has always maintained that WASP supremacist Peter Brimelow's PATRIOT GAMES was a key influence on his political views and the latest Conservative election ads using niqabs as a wedge issue certainly confirms this.

Irony is generally lost on the Harperites (or in fact on most Canadian journalists) so their use of digital niqabs to rail against physical niqabs has gone completely un-noted....

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